Sharing economy – waiting for the big idea

With the economy going south right now, I am hoping out there, 1 or maybe 2 smart individuals in a garage somewhere, working on the next big idea within the “Sharing Economy” space. Revolutionary ideas like Google for search engine and Facebook for social networking. Most them started with a an idea to solve a specific, local problem. Fortunate for them plus a little bit if luck, those idea accepted by almost everyone in the world and the rest is history.

Yes, we have GrabTaxi, Uber and AirBnB which right now leading the revolution of “Sharing Economy” at some points successfully revolutionize transportation and accommodation industry and have helped millions to improve their income. However, in my personal opinion they are still targeting niche market and I do believe we have yet to see “the” one idea which will systematically break, penetrate and force the current economic model to change or adapt to the idea that our economy is no longer for the top 1%. “The” idea must work at global scale and use by the masses with no central control nor can be influenced by any government.